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Lois A. Montfort

March 31, 1946 – December 28, 2009


01/30/10   With a deep aching in my heart, I report the passing of my mother, Lois Montfort.  She was a beautiful lady, inside and out.  She lost her life suddenly at her home following a courageous battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD.  She was looking forward to a lung transplant in the very near future so she could again spend quality time with her family without the constant struggle for breath.  She loved taking her grandchildren to the Great Escape and Magic Forest and was excited about the possibility to do that again and to just live life without lugging around oxygen tanks or being tethered to a concentrator 24/7.  It was a freedom she so desperately desired.


   Mom was only 63 and a lifelong resident of Johnsburg, NY.  She was the eldest daughter of the late Karl and Louise Clardy.  She served her county for 22 years, beginning as a Warren County Motor Vehicle Clerk for 8 years and as the Warren County Democratic Election Commissioner for 14 years.  She was a lifelong member of the NYS Election Commissioners’ Association.  She was a Democratic Committee member for the Town of Johnsburg, Warren County and the NYS Democratic Committee for 30 years.  Before her disease took over her life, she enjoyed bowling, badminton and playing softball with her family.  In her younger years, she had been a 4H leader and a Cub Scout Den Mother.  She was a loving and dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, sister and aunt who truly enjoyed spending time with her loved ones.


   Mom is survived by her husband of 30 years, Bill Montfort of Johnsburg, NY; her 3 children, Tammy Ferin of Wappingers Falls, NY, John Harris of Medford, OR and Debbie Bearor of Queensbury, NY;  3 step-daughters, Margie, Nancy and Lori Montfort; 4 siblings, Rose Lamy and Margaret Savage of Warrensburg, NY and Robert Clardy and Donna LaVergne of Johnsburg, NY; and several nieces, nephews and cousins.  She was blessed with 5 grandchildren, Victoria Ferin, Johnny and Eric Harris, Brandon and Payton Bearor and 1 great-grandchild, Aiden Harris.  She also had 5 step-grandchildren, Maya, Griffin, Nicholas, Zachary and Cielo.


   It has been a month since her passing.  I am racked with many emotions, mostly disbelief and shock.  I haven’t really let myself deal with my grief—when I feel it coming on, I force it back down and tuck it away.  I miss her so much.  I keep getting an incredible urge to call her—she was my lifeline to the rest of my family and all the goings-on back home.  I have a huge emptiness that I can only hope will subside with time.  I love you Mom.

Rest in peace





~1983 – 2009


08/19/09   I am saddened to report the passing of Flashdance.  She was beautiful, very sweet and had a never-ending supply of energy.  Flash belonged to Nancy, the owner of the farm where my horses reside.  She was a big mare—a tall Thoroughbred with the biggest liquid brown eyes you can ever imagine.  Nancy retired her from jumping about 7 years ago, and she took on her new job as resident nanny.  She loved it!  She raised all of my babies after they were weaned from their mamas.  They called her “Auntie Flash.”  She got along great with all of my horses, but Charlie was always her favorite.  She “stole” him from his mother when he was only a couple of weeks old.  But she let us give him back to his mom so that he could eat and grow up to be the big boy that he is now.  Charlie was her pasture and stall buddy too.  Flash is survived by her mom Nancy and her family, Susie and the gang at The Southlands Foundation, 4 generations of Ferin Arabians, Maggie the cat, and Katie, Dolce and Georgie—her canine buds.  Flash, you are dearly missed.

Rest in peace Flash




7/19/06 – 7/29/06


07/29/06   It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of Hassana’s and Charlie’s beautiful 2006 colt, Cyrano.  He was very special and loved people as much as we loved him—“we” meaning everyone that was lucky enough to have gotten to know him.  Being a full-brother to Bambi, that was a given.  Although he didn’t belong to me—Hassana is owned by a good friend, I was still his “grandma” and felt very close to him even before he was born.  He was only here on Earth for 10 days—just passing through on his way to Heaven.  God must have needed a horse with his personality and heart.  He was very happy his entire short life—very evident in his big, brown eyes.  My heart is breaking for his “mom” as she was so excited about his arrival—he was to be her “Dream horse” and now, in a way, will always be just that.  He is greatly loved, missed and will never be forgotten.  Be happy, little man—we love you.

(Photo taken 7/29/06)

Rest in peace





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